Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Short and to the point. Busy start!

  First, let me start off by saying happy, very late, new year! I hope everyone had a spectacular NYE! Mine, well, it was more fun getting ready than the actual plans that happened. LOL, But it was okay.

  The year started off in so many directions. Mostly good, thank goodness! I started my new position as a lab assistant at St. Agnes. I love it already! Really, I do! I get SO excited over getting some of the lab work. The supervisor has said she loves my enthusiasm. One my 1st day, I just watched to get a feel for what I would be doing. I was sitting with one girl when a spinal fluid came to the window. I squealed and went to watch that being processed. Can I just tell you how disappointed I was! When I think of something lubricating your joints, I would expect something at least jelly looking. Nope. Not at all. It looks like water!! Good for the patient, obviously, but bummer for me. I thought it would have been more awesome looking! LOL. I was also taken around to the other departments I would have to work with. Histology and Pathology. Kind of tempted to transfer there! Ha ha! That is where you see the extra awesome good stuff, like an appendix! I saw one and jumped up and down in excitement! Not kidding. I love stuff like that. I didn't even have to look at the req sheet to know what it was, I am just that awesome. We also went to the morgue, where I was again disappointed. There were no bodies! WHAT!? The only specimen I do not like having to process is the sputum cultures. I do not care that I have been living with CF for almost 22 years, it grosses me out beyond belief. I've never seen any so bloody!! And one looked like someone had mixed grits into it! Now that I have grossed most people out, lets move on.

   Sadly, my 1st week of work I had to take off already because of this wonderful CF of mine. I swear it waits for things to be going good in my life and thinks “oh no can't have that” and BOOM, I landed up inpatient. I started feeling SOB over the weekend, but didn’t think anything of it since I always feel more SOB the week before my period. But instead of staying at the norm, it got increasingly worse. I woke up and went into work and started feeling cold, like I had a fever. So I took my break to take some Motrin to help. Walking from one side of the lab to the other completely took my breath away, and I just could not breathe. I tried my inhaler but it was not working. So, I told my boss I had to leave, and she could clearly see me struggling. I went home and immediately went to my room to do an albuterol treatment. My mom followed me in my room and we checked my SATs they were at 88%. Holy crap, I cannot remember when they were that low. We did a series of 3 nebs, 60mg prednisone and put me on 2lt of oxygen and after two hours, nothing. My SATs only went up to 90%. So, obviously a trip to the ER and admission was in order. Got the ER and woah, , my BP was crazy low. I didnt even feel it was that low. So dehydration was now one of the issues. Started fluids and got a chest xray and labs. Now just to wait for results. Blah blah fast forward, going home tomorrow. On IV Aztreonam, and oral bactrum both q8. And we will check back in a week. Hopefully these stones will stop acting up and top hurting me and making me want to feel I have to vomit every second.

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